SAEP Industry sector includes Suzhou Amity Electronics&Plastics Co., Ltd., Nanjing Amity Plastic Co., Ltd., Shuzhou Zehai Home Appliance Technology Co., Ltd., and Qingdao Bidwell Technologies Co., Ltd., Suzhou Chichang Metal Products Co., Ltd. The company has more than 800 employees, total assets of 300 million yuan, annual turnover of about 700 million yuan, and owns a number of self-owned intellectual property rights. Main products include flat TV base and wall bracket, all kinds of black and white home appliance hinge, all kinds of stamping, injection molding, die casting, aluminum extrusion and associated electronic components such as home appliance product molding and mold design and processing, products cover flat-screen TVS, monitors, refrigerators, freezers, printer, communication module, solar modle, commercial equipment, and many other niche.Our company has the independent research and development of various kinds of flat TV base, Hinge, hanging bracket and various professional manufacturing and testing equipments , and has applied for more than one hundred inventions, utility model patents and appearance patent.

We have perfect technology development, quality identification and management system, more than ten years of experience in industrial design, structural technology development and quality identification, we established perfect supplier quality management system, and have complete talent system in system certification and product test identification.

Cooperative Partner

Product Display
  • Structural Components
  • Consumer Electronics and Household Appliances
  • Medical Household Appliances
  • xpx37

  • xpF3

  • xpE17

  • xpD33-2

  • xpC06

  • xpAN-52ST700A-1

  • xp70UF30

  • xp70SU580

  • xp65UR30A-2

  • xp65S3

  • xp60K82

  • xp60-80UD30

  • xp58U1

  • xp58S9

  • xp42D500

  • xp40ST700Ag

  • xp40A11

  • xp32G100A

  • hx-LED47K600D

  • hx4277

  • hx2020-2

  • hx1588

  • hx24K18-2

  • hx22v08

  • hx19V88

  • dzK84

  • dz2009年42寸机型

  • dz43J10X

  • dz40S20

  • 47

  • 42

The Factory Environment
  • Testing Equipment
  • Production Equipment
  • Company Snapshot
  • 岛津能量色散型X射线荧光分析仪EDX-LE

  • 型立式直读光谱仪

  • 涂膜划痕试验仪

  • 伺服电脑式万能材料试验机

  • 数字式显微硬度计

  • 三坐标测量机

  • 两厢式冷热冲击试验箱

  • 可程式恒温恒湿试验箱

  • 化学室

  • 电子万能试验机5T

  • 电子天平

  • 电动杯突试验仪

  • 高低温交变湿热试验箱

  • X射线荧光光谱仪

  • 自动全洛氏硬度计

  • 紫外光加速老化试验机

  • 制样室

  • 制样室

  • 影像测量仪

  • 盐雾室

  • 显微硬度计

  • 氙灯老化试验箱

0512-65469995 / 65469996

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